The foundation of our approach is the fundamental understanding of the operation of natural systems and their inter-relationships with the human environment.

We employ a broad set of sciences and analytical constructs to form a chronological understanding of a place’s evolutionary history and to understand the inherent and existing qualities of a place. Our concern is not with science for its own sake but rather for the essential knowledge needed to intervene on a site in a meaningful way. SGA’s approach does not rely on compartmentalized disciplines operating independently as in orthodox community planning and traditional design; instead we respond to what we believe comprise the unique attributes of a place, typically derived from nuanced inter-relationships between many forces. Effective planning and meaningful design cannot occur without understanding the implications of physical, environmental and social factors at work and revealing the systematic relationships of people and place; hence revealing the capabilities, opportunities and constraints of a site and thus the potential distinctive hypothetical future.

From this framework, SGA’s designs harness dynamic processes to establish creative solutions which are sustainable and diverse. Our planning and design techniques engage complex systems and constructs in order to redefine a space, a place or a region in a forward thinking, holistic manner and in doing so, our projects serve as comprehensive solutions that provide the highest level of creativity in order to meet or exceed our clients’ goals and expectations.