Allentown Parks and Riverfront Plans

Comprehensive Trails Connectivity Plan

SGA participated on a team of consultants retained by the City of Allentown to undertake a comprehensive study to link the City’s neighborhoods to its incredible park system and also to link the various parks within the system together. The project identifies a series of detailed on-road and off-road bicycle corridors through the city that connect key destinations locally and throughout the Lehigh Valley Region. A key component of the project connects the City’s vast parks system with the Lehigh River Waterfront’s existing active and passive recreational uses, with the goal that trail connectivity partly act as a springboard for additional economic development activities in this area. The plan was based on schematic concepts developed in the City’s Parks and Recreation Master Plan, the preparation of which was previously managed by Sean Garrigan of SGA, and showed how the waterfront could become the hub for many of the region’s major greenway corridors.

SGA provided field investigation activities, including studying opportunities to enhance pedestrian and bicycle crossings via the existing spans over the Lehigh River, along industrial rail corridors and the development of a comprehensive park and trail signing network. The firm also provided support services to aid the city in its efforts to obtain federal funding for various parks, trails and multi-modal projects.

Lehigh Riverfront Master Plan

SGA participated in a team to develop a guide for a development approach to the City of Allentown's Lehigh Riverfront, which, due to previous industrial use, was underutilized. 

Comprehensive Park Signing System

SGA Participated on a team to create a new park signing system for the Allentown park system.