Bethlehem Steel Franklin Mills Redevelopment Plan

SGA was retained by the EMF Development Co. as part of a team of consultants to prepare an economic market assessment and a strategic redevelopment plan for the former 90 acres Bethlehem Steel Franklin Mills Plant. At its peak the plant had its own coal mine, by-product coke ovens, blast furnaces for pig iron, open hearth furnaces for steel, rolling mills, and rail car shops. Coal mines were on either side of the river with tramways carrying coal into the plant. The site ceased operations in 2001. A considerable number of the buildings on the site have been demolished, yet nearly 300,000 sq. ft. of enclosed space, in the form of massive linear buildings remain, mostly in the former primary mills section. These buildings include the former wheel assembly and axel finishing mill, the 36 inch mill, the furnace house, stock house, water treatment plant and the coke plant blowing engine house.

SGA formulated a redevelopment concept to brand the site as a specialized industrial park formed around various environmentally-focused and/or material recycling related industries. The Franklin EMF Environmental Science, Industries Technologies and Energy Park (ESITE Park) is being redeveloped in partnership with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and its Business in Our Sites Program. The concept is to promote the clustering of industries related to the reuse or processing of waste materials in a manner that maximizes the reuse and/or energy recapture of those materials. To-date, metal, concrete and automobile recycling operations have been, or are in the process of being established, and plastics, asphalt, vinyl, tires, panel board, electronics, and battery recycling facilities are planned along with a plasma technology energy cogeneration plant fed by permit combustible waste products they cannot be recycled.