Carlisle Urban Redevelopment Projects

The Borough of Carlisle, Pennsylvania was recently faced with the closure of three of their largest industrial facilities and the nearly 65 acres of vacant property left in their wake. SGA lead a team in the development of an Urban Redevelopment Plan and a U.S. EPA Brownfields Area-Wide Plan for the borough. These plans focus on reinvigorating and revitalizing Carlisle's entire northern quadrant and the downtown area through placemaking, public spaces, infrastructure recommendations, stormwater management, and ultimately the reintegration of brownfield sites into the overall fabric of the community.

The plans present an economic development and urban design vision that responds to the physical characteristics, market trends, and demographics of the Borough of Carlisle, and provide strategies for short-term, interim uses as well as long-term development. The first phase of new building construction is advancing towards a late 2016 start date.

Fairground Avenue Stormwater Park

The Borough of Carlisle resides within the Chesapeake Bay watershed, making pollution reduction a major emphasis of the U.S. EPA Brownfields Area-Wide Plan. A large stormwater park is proposed, and is intended as a fully integrated stormwater management facility, including rain gardens, underground storage, and various bio-retention swales/micro-pools to capture and treat runoff during storm events. SGA developed a regional approach to addressing stormwater management through a series of interconnected public spaces that would be created as public projects and service land development as a stormwater utility, allowing projects to acquire detention capacity. This approach allows for the integration of environmental remediation controls to be effectively addressed and permitted as a part of public space designs.

Complete Streets Transportation Improvements with Integrated Blue/Green Technologies

SGA led the planning and preliminary engineering of series of new neighborhood-scaled streets needed to support the redevelopment of the brownfield sites. The project includes three new traffic roundabouts which include multi-modal bicycle and pedestrian facilities (including a cycle-track) as well as integrated stormwater detention facilities and pre-treatment devices as an integral part of their signature landcape architectural design. 

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