Layfield Park Master Plan

Layfield Park is located in suburban Philadelphia near a new town center district being planned by the township. The park site was purchased by the municipality for the purpose of establishing a community park and was formerly a commercial landscape nursery operation. The community wishes that the future park be used by people of all ages and interests for passive and active recreation in close proximity to a large number of existing and proposed residences. As such the vision for the park is to serve as a “central park” for the entire town center. The central location of the park and a balanced mix of passive and active recreation opportunities will enable all types of park visitors to experience happy and healthy recreation, thereby contributing to a vibrant and thriving community.

This master plan explores the options for the development and operation of Layfield Park as a long term effort. The design process included the study of potential park users, park site characteristics, and community recreation needs and interests. The plan is rooted in a deep sense of community character as a rural agriculture community as well as the dynamic growth that has occurred and is anticipated for the foreseeable future.

The planning process included a strong public participation process, a review of related planning activities including the town center analysis, the Township’s recently completed Open Space Plan, demographic studies, an assessment of current recreational needs, an analysis of the landscape features of the site and surrounding land uses, expansion of major utility corridors, the consideration of maintenance for the future park, and capital financing.