Powhatan Place Redevelopment Plan

Building on a long standing staff relationship working on the Cities of Ranson and Charles Town’s U.S. EPA Brownfields Assessment Project, SGA is assisting the City of Ranson with its efforts to secure ownership of the former Kidde Manufacturing Plant. Prior to acquisition, SGA worked in partnership with the municipality’s environmental consultant to determine the site’s redevelopment potential and the potential end-use impacts that would result from the site’s level of contamination.

The Kidde Manufacturing Plant site was originally developed in 1892 and later became known as the Powhatan Brass & Iron Works. Over the years the site was utilized for the forging, machining and plating of brass and iron fittings primarily used in the manufacturing of fire-fighting equipment. The site ceased operation in 2004 after changing ownership as a result of corporate mergers and acquisitions.

Ranson’s downtown needs a place-making landmark within the N. Mildred Street Corridor that establishes an identity for the neighborhood. This was achieved by locating a traffic roundabout which intersects with the proposed Powhatan Boulevard that extends through the newly established residential areas and existing neighborhoods beyond. The proposed design provides a mix of housing types that established enough new residential density to support new retail development and create 24-hour vibrancy in the City’s core and integrates rich and diverse public spaces, recreation areas, trails and green infrastructure into the design to create a desirable and environmentally responsive neighborhood. The proposed redevelopment plan meets or exceeds criteria defined by the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® Certification for Neighborhood Development.