Brownfields Reuse Planning and Land Recycling

SGA is a leader in the specialized discipline of brownfields reuse planning and land recycling.

The brownfields movement began in the early 1990s as communities began to recognize that the fear and uncertainty associated with potential environmental contamination was seriously undermining efforts to revitalize their urban areas. This movement also coincided with growing interests to rethink urban waterfronts, both from a public use standpoint as well as from their role in regional ecological health. Many regions facing sprawling growth realized that part of any smart growth solution may address the reutilization of lands at their regional core; often land well served by extensive utility and transportation infrastructure, yet hampered by the stigma of unknown contamination. SGA’s staff has been involved in the practice of brownfields revitalization practically since the term was coined and brings extensive proven approaches to address brownfields sites of all scales and environmental constraints. The firm maintains collaborative working partnerships with many of the nation’s largest environmental engineering and remediation firms to provide highly specialized technical services to best meet the specific needs of each of our clients.

The firm provides unparalleled brownfields planning and design services to address the smallest of potential sites to highly contaminated federally designated Superfund sites, including:

  • Reuse Feasibility Analysis
  • Economic Market Analysis
  • Area-wide Master Plans
  • Industrial Architecture and Complexes
  • Environmental Remediation Responsive Site Design and Engineering Controls