Urban Design and Public Spaces

The multidisciplinary integration of buildings and landscape into a defined urban form is the basis of much SGA’s design practice.


Whether in a small town or as infill within a large city, the careful collaboration of building+landscape forms the basis of true placemaking. Fundamentally based on a landscape urbanism framework, our firm’s work integrates ecological processes into the basic form and function of urban environments to establish frameworks for new social and cultural interaction, specifically expanding the notion of sustainability and the role of the human built environment in the broader ethnographic definition of ecology. SGA’s projects range from affordable housing in the smallest rural towns to reshaping New York City’s largest industrial zone for the 21st Century.

The firm provides diversified planning and urban design services, including:

  • Plazas and Public Spaces
  • Streetscape Design
  • Waterfronts
  • Mixed Use & Town Centers