Colorado River Confluence Riverfront Park Design

U.S. EPA Region 8 Brownfields Area-Wide Plan


City of Glenwood Springs Department of Economic and Community Development


Glenwood Springs, CO



SGA continues its efforts in advancing downtown Glenwood Springs redevelopment projects focused on the Confluence of the Roaring Fork and Colorado Rivers.

The City of Glenwood Springs is undertaking a process to bring together all of its development planning in its downtown, including several of its major undeveloped and under-utilized “brownfields” properties. Since 2017 SGA has been overseeing major components of the city’s downtown master planning and design related urban redevelopment and public/civic infrastructure investments.

Glenwood Springs is 30 minutes down-valley from Aspen and has the largest concentration of mineral hot springs in North America and the largest hot springs pool in the world, making the town a major resort destination. SGA’s plan focuses on the Confluence area of the Colorado and Roaring Forks Rivers, creating a new mixed-use riverfront neighborhood that would greatly expand the size and vibrancy of downtown.

The Confluence Riverfront Park Area is another project in which the City of Glenwood Springs has retained SGA. A series of meetings and surveys were held to generate a list of attributes that are unique and necessary to Glenwood Springs. The proposed park will serve as a civic gathering hub and a nexus of environmental enhancement and stewardship. The design incorporates a mix of potential uses, including dining options, event spaces, natural/free play, and fortified ecosystems. A master plan report with site treatment recommendations and optional amenities was completed In August of 2019, with an additional scope of work to be proposed to the City and potentially pursued in the fall.


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Project Facts

100+ Acres of Brownfields
$100M Estimated Construction Value