Detroit Downriver

Economic Redevelopment Planning Assistance Project


Downriver Community Conference


Downriver, MI



In a collaborative effort fueled by the Economic Development Administration (EDA) grant from the United States Department of Commerce, the Downriver Community Conference (DCC) is spearheading a transformative initiative across five southwest Michigan communities. Partnering with SGA, the project focuses on crafting near and long-term strategic reuse plans.

SGA’s dedicated staff conducted extensive data collection and Geographic Information System (GIS) analysis, honing in on potential areas for economic development and revitalization within the study boundaries. These encompass a mix of post-industrial and active industrial sites, offering a diverse canvas for transformation.

The recent site visits and working group meetings, supported by prepared maps, facilitated discussions to uncover the unique opportunities and concerns within each community. The collective goal is to align with their distinct visions for future development.

Looking beyond the immediate study area, SGA aims to identify key natural resources along the Jefferson Avenue corridor leading into the City of Detroit. This targeted approach seeks cohesive opportunities for reuse and revitalization, underlining a commitment to sustainable development and community collaboration. The initiative reflects a strategic vision for a vibrant future, emphasizing the importance of economic revitalization and foresight in shaping thriving communities.


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