Holmes-Foster Park

Master Plan


Borough of State College


State College, Centre City, PA



SGA, led the planning and design of historic Holmes-Foster Park located in State College, PA, home of Penn State University. The neighborhood includes a diverse mix of students and local homeowners which meant that were diverse park users. The borough was interested in a plan which ensures that the perpetuation of the existing tall tree canopy can be maintained while enhancing the overall use of the park, mostly for passive park uses. The master plan provides an extensive set of recommended capital projects, management policies and actions.
The plan focuses on ten key steps consisting of: implementing an existing tree canopy conservation strategy; expanding native planting areas; improving the quality of turf in the highest-use areas; improving and formalizing pedestrian circulation; creation of more and diverse seating area opportunities; relocating the parking areas and reconnecting the sunny lawn area to the core of the park; defining the edge and materials for driveways and turnarounds; upgrading the pavilions and restroom facilities; consolidating and upgrading play areas; and following a cohesive design aesthetic that ties all elements together and reinforces the parks aesthetic identity as a major community destination.


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