Huntington Station BOA

Area-Wide and Site Reuse Planning


New York State


Long Island


2007 – 2015

The New York State Brownfields Opportunity Area (BOA) program served as a national model for brownfields redevelopment using an “area-wide” approach. SGA and its staff have served as leaders in the BOA program, working on numerous BOAs including pilots in NYC and throughout Long Island.

Working throughout the New York City Metro region, SGA’s experience with New York State’s Brownfield Opportunity Area (BOA) program is extensive.

In the Town of Huntington, NY, located in Suffolk County, along the north shore of Long Island, SGA assisted in the preparation of a Step 2 Nomination and follow-up planning work focused on the redevelopment of the brownfields area surrounding Huntington Station of the Long Island Railroad. The firm’s work focused on developing viable mixed-use redevelopment scenarios that included a hotel complex associated with the station area.


Urban Design
Brownfields Reuse Planning