MidTown District Streetscape & Urban Design

U.S. EPA Region 8 Brownfields Area-Wide Plan


Borough of Ambridge


Ambridge, PA


2023 – Present

Spearheading a borough strategy to create a distinct and thoroughly modern retail/commercial district within the 16 block Merchant Street corridor, SGA developed a vibrant MidTown Urban Design plan that includes a vibrant free-flowing streetscape design that breaks the mold of traditional sidewalk hardscaping. Built on the notion of blending physical forms and patterns with traditional building materials, the design evokes a sense of vibrancy that is meant to visually entice pedestrians to explore the district. It is also intended to support a broader branding campaign tied to creating a cool and funky vibe around existing and planned businesses. Inherent in the design are the subtle design techniques that overcome major challenges associated with achieving ADA accessibility compliance for both the public realm and the dozens of nearly 100 year old storefronts that line the corridor. SGA’s design also includes distinctive lighting treatments and signature gateway elements along with lush perennial landscape plantings. Green infrastructure is deployed through structural soil cells for street trees and RAFT™ bio-retention planters located in curbside bump-outs.


Resiliency, Green Infrastructure & Landscape Utilities
Project Implementation Management