St. Paul’s Blue Greenway

U.S. EPA Brownfields Area-Wide Plan


City of Norfolk


Norfolk, VA



SGA was retained as part of a larger design team by the City of Norfolk as lead Landscape Architects responsible for the design of the park, recreation, and landscape for the 23-acre St. Paul’s Blue Greenway. Integral to the St. Paul’s Transformation redevelopment efforts, the Blue Greenway will become a large community recreation and open space anchor, providing improved stormwater flood resilience, ecological restoration, community & environmental health, wellness, and STEAM education. Once constructed, the Blue Greenway will serve the St. Paul’s and the Kindred neighborhood as well as the broader Norfolk community with expanded opportunities for recreation, learning, and economic growth.


Urban Design
Brownfields Reuse Planning
Parks, Recreation, & Green Space
Resiliency, Green Infrastructure, & Landscape Utilities

Project Facts

23 Acres