Hejing Feng


Landscape Designer

Hejing joined SGA as a Landscape Designer and participates in all aspects and phases of projects from initial concept development through construction documentation. Her responsibilities range from mapping and quantitative analysis, site plan development, graphic design, computer-aided modeling and rendering. Raised in a snowy city in the northeast of China, she wanted to experience “real” summer heat so she enrolled as a graduate student Texas A&M University where she received Master of Landscape Architecture degree. During her graduate study, she focused on open space and community redevelopment, and prepared her career with a solid training in integrated design skills and system-oriented design approaches. Hejing received her bachelor degree in Landscape Architecture from Huazhong University of Science and Technology with a second degree in Architecture. As a visual thinker and 3D enthusiast, Hejing is passionate about three-dimension spatial modeling and rendering programs, as well as advanced design visualization representations for landscape.

Hejing’s true passion outside of work is cooking, particularly traditional Chinese dishes and desserts. The food that Hejing prepares in her home kitchen is at times the talk of the SGA studio. Hejing is also a self-professed video game and architecture modeling software junky. She is a serious gamer who expects video games to have a good story and high-quality graphics. If digital technology were to end tomorrow her obsession for gaming would fall back on solving complex puzzles, escape room challenges, and investigative crime mysteries.