Michael Stromberg


Professional Engineer

Michael’s career at SGA has focused extensively on green infrastructure, stormwater management, and other forms of site engineering, including geotechnical engineering and grading. While having a technical, engineering-focused background, he strives to consider every problem on a site within its larger context to create cohesive and practical solutions to real-world concerns. SGA has afforded Michael the opportunity to solve unique engineering challenges while not losing sight of the big picture. He has assisted in producing a wide array of both master plans and construction documents for projects ranging from Connecticut to Oklahoma. Michael is extensively involved with the design and engineering of numerous stormwater infrastructure strategies and green infrastructure technologies while also considering them in widely varied contexts, including brownfield sites and karst-dominated regions Using the experience gained through his work at SGA, Michael is currently working toward his full professional licensure.

Michael Stromberg is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a Master in Civil Engineering, specializing in geotechnical engineering and holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering from Bucknell University.

In his home state of New Jersey, Michael is happily married and enjoys a wide range of activities such as running, hiking, wine tasting, attending local festivals, and relaxing at home with his pets. While he loves his native state, he enjoys travel too, with recent visits to Ireland, England, the Bahamas, Hawaii, and Sonoma Valley. A former wrestler and rugby player, Michael also loves sports in just about any form and finds room in his spare time to write about New Jersey’s local NHL hockey team, the Devils.