Timothy Stromberg


Principal, Landscape Architect

Timothy is the principal-in-charge of SGA’s design studio and is a landscape architect and urban designer with expertise in the design of urban environments, public spaces, and riverfronts. Over his professional career, Timothy has specialized in dealing with highly disturbed and contaminated landscapes.

Philosophy and Approach

The foundation of Timothy’s work is in brownfields revitalization, not only physically cleaning up their contamination constraints but further repairing their potentially complex landscape systems and contextual relationships.

Understanding a site’s natural, socio-economic, geo-political, historical, and built systems is vital to a project’s long term sustainable success. Timothy, through the SGA’s design studio, advocates engaging these complex systems to create site specific solutions that are innovative and constructible.

The legacy of many industrial activities results in sites that have been disturbed to an extent that they can never be return to their former ecological state. Therefore, creating entirely new types of landscape conditions that still harness ecological processes has led him to develop innovative methods of landscape programming. His approach interweaves existing site infrastructure and highly disturbed conditions with new site frameworks such as tapping latent natural processes, introducing hybrid plant communities, establishing modern infrastructure strategies, and creating new settings for social and economic interactions.


Timothy holds a Master of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning from the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor of Science in Ornamental Horticulture and Environmental Design from Delaware Valley College. He is member of the American Society of Landscape Architects.


Tim was a scholastic and collegiate level wrestler for 11 years. His passion for athletics continues with his fitness-centric lifestyle. His aspiring avocations are surfing and woodworking. In addition to being an avid plantsmen working in his private home landscape he and his wife like to vacation in the great outdoors and hike through the major National Parks in the West.