Carlisle, PA
Carlisle, PA

Tyco Electronics Plant Site

The Carlisle Northwest Neighborhood

The 63-acre targeted urban redevelopment area the comprises the Carlisle Northwest Neighborhood “Big 3” Brownfields Area-Wide Redevelopment Project is centered on three priority brownfield sites: Masland/International Automotive Components (IAC), Carlisle Tire and Wheel, and the 759 Hamilton Street/former Tyco Electronics sites. These properties are in the northwest neighborhood, a neighborhood at the time of the closure of the three plants, had the highest concentration of poverty and minority populations in Carlisle and Cumberland County. After nearly 100 years of operation, all three manufacturing facilities ceased operations between 2008 and 2010 resulting in a loss of more than 1,000 jobs and significant tax base, in a municipality with a population of 27,000 people.

Carlisle, PA
2023 Region 3 Phoenix Award