Parks, Recreation, & Green Space

SGA provides planning, design, and construction of parks and recreational facilities, especially in urban contexts and of all scales and complexities. The firm primarily works for public sector clients including local governments, regional planning entities, and state and federal agencies. Developing high-quality and community impactful parks and public spaces is a foundation of our project work to ensure that our designs respond to current local needs, national trends and standards, and global environmental challenges and demands. The firm’s work is noted for its ability to achieve outstanding results even within the most constrained contexts, through the use of creative and cutting-edge thinking and technology. 
From the planning perspective, SGA has developed comprehensive parks, recreation, open space, greenway, and trail plans for numerous municipalities ranging in size from rural town, mid-size cities and counties. The firm and its staff are fluent in the most current standards including those advocated by the National Recreation and Parks Association, as well as conformance with current codes and regulations such as the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). As a part of this work, the firm has assessed more than 100 parks in support of park system planning as well as site-specific master planning, and the architectural design of park facilities. In addition, the firm’s extensive resiliency practice closely dovetails with its park design studio. The planning, design, and construction of integrated stormwater facilities and public parklands is the fastest growing portion of the firm’s work.
Our staff have extensive experience designing these facilities in a variety of scales and contexts, including:
  • Regional and Community Parks
  • Athletic Facilities and Recreational Complexes
  • Trails and Greenways
  • Natural resource areas
  • Playspaces