Resiliency, Green Infrastructure, & Landscape Utilities

Through resiliency and green solutions, we ensure that all our project work responds to local and global environmental challenges. Our designs have been recognized for their ability to achieve outstanding results on the most environmentally constrained sites, using creative thinking and cutting-edge technology. Much of SGA’s work has focused on waterfront redevelopment projects that respond to coastal and tidal flooding, as well as smart stormwater management.
SGA provides resilient storm water and green infrastructure solutions for a variety of scales and conditions, including:
  • Waterfronts, Waterbodies and Coastal
  • Water management adaptation
  • Flooding and Water Quality
  • Climate adaptation
  • Multi-modal transportation infrastructure
  • Stormwater Infrastructure
  • Best management practice design and integration
  • Low impact development standards
  • Stormwater/Hydrologic Modeling
  • MS4 and TMDL Regulatory Compliance
  • Ecologic-Based Landscape Design
  • Landscape/Utility Maintenance and Management Manuals & Policies