Urban Design

Whether in a small town or within a large city, the careful collaboration of building + landscape forms the basis of true placemaking. Rooted in the fundamentals of landscape urbanism, our work integrates ecological processes into the form and function of urban environments to establish new frameworks for social and cultural interaction. We strive to expand the notion of sustainability and the role of the built environment throughout the communities and ecologies we work with. SGA’s projects range from affordable housing in the smallest rural towns to reshaping New York City’s largest industrial zone for the 21 st Century.

SGA is dedicated to the creative development or redevelopment of new places. The primary focus of the firm’s work is the redevelopment and reuse of forgotten and neglected places, especially through the clean-up and revitalization of brownfields and environmentally contaminated properties. SGA’s well proven planning and design approach advocates a comprehensive community public involvement process. The utilization of a broad range of public involvement tools, developed through our extensive project experience, is one of the fundamental keys to our success. It allows SGA to guide projects to successful completion and is a major motivating factor that aids our clients in achieving their goals.