SGA is a highly-specialized firm with the depth of expertise required to take projects from conceptualization to reality.

  • Brownfields Reuse Planning & Land Recycling

    SGA is a national leader in the specialized discipline of brownfields reuse planning and land recycling.

  • Urban Design

    The multidisciplinary integration of buildings and landscape into a defined urban form is the basis of much SGA’s design practice.

  • Parks & Public Spaces

    The firm provides recreation planning and landscape architectural services for a wide variety of parks and public spaces.

  • Green Infrastructure & Landscape Utilities

    Stormwater management and green infrastructure are becoming the linchpin elements to a successful project.

  • Advocacy, Funding & Financing

    Few projects are successful if they are not fully realized. Adequate funding is often one key component to success and a great plan helps to secure competitive financial resources.