Principal, Sean Garrigan, virtually presented the framework for economic success at the 2020 Anthracite Economic Summit to the Greater Susquehanna Chamber of Conference. The presentation focused on strategic steps included in the GoShamokin! plan, which was formally adopted by the Shamokin City Council on October 12, 2020. The plan is supported by efforts from SGA, SEDA-Council of Governments, and the City of Shamokin. The comprehensive guide required thorough community-wide research, with an emphasis on boosting business downtown. The eight-step process to achieve community revitalization begins by identifying community engagement as a key component in this approach. Funding, an integral element, is another hot topic which was touched on thoroughly during the informative lecture. Shamokin, a city eagerly seeking revival, is bound for success in the next coming years as public-private partnerships strengthen and curate a vibrant experience for the City of Shamokin.

Check out the presentation here for more information on economic revitalization for the Shamokin community.

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