On Tuesday, the architectural design community had the privilege of exploring the Chrysler Museum Glass Studio Addition during the AIA Hampton Roads Hardhat Tour. This event showcased the work-in-progress and provided an opportunity to appreciate the unique space designed by Work Program Architects (WPA) and ongoing construction by Hourigan.

This was another well-organized event put on by the Hampton Roads chapter of the AIA.  Following the tour, attendees were treated to a happy hour and glass-blowing demonstration, courtesy of the Chrysler Museum.

As the season advances, anticipation builds for the site’s development. SGA is proud to have designed the “floodable landscape” feature, a dual-purposed stormwater facility and flood attenuation basin that also serves as the property’s main entry feature.

In addition, we crafted a serpentine walkway that gracefully navigates the eight-foot grade change from the parking and arrival area to the building entrance. This design maintains wheelchair accessibility without obstructing the view with handrails.

Upon completion, the main promenade will guide visitors up cast stone steps and across a teak bridge, offering views into the bioretention bed and back toward the museum campus. We are grateful to WPA for the opportunity to contribute to this project, and we extend our thanks to Timmons and WPL for their unwavering technical and artistic support throughout the process.

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