Garrigan Speaking on Brownfields Redevelopment at Virginia Planning Symposium

by SGA

SGA Principal Sean Garrigan will be part of a professional training course entitled “Joining Forces: Creating Community Advocacy for Brownfields Redevelopment” at this year’s Virginia Chapter of the American Planning Association’s Annual Fall Symposium to be held in Luray, VA on September 24th, 2010.

This educational session will be a technical overview of the various legal and planning aspects of addressing the challenges that often exist with corporate “moth-balling” of properties. Many communities are struggling with larger corporate owners that may have ended-up owning property in a town through a series of corporate mergers, with little or no interest in the site or community itself. Proactive approaches to addressing brownfields in communities of all sizes and advocating for their reuse will be covered. Methods to entice property owners to address community concerns related to blight, under-utilization and loss of tax revenue on brownfields properties will presented through the use of SGA project case studies.

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