The project comes at a fortuitous time when investment in and around the project area is mounting. New transportation investments are being made, including a major redesign of the I-95 interchange with the Betsy Ross Bridge, the extension of Delaware Avenue and the implementation of the East Coast Greenway that includes bike and pedestrian trails that can contribute positively to the health and well-being of local residents. The City is hoping to build upon this momentum by improving public health, environmental conditions, and public access to its riverfronts while facilitating public and private investment in the redevelopment of brownfield properties.

This project starts a vigorous public engagement campaign in the Bridesburg, Frankford, and Juniata Park neighborhoods and enables the City of Philadelphia and its development partners to prioritize social, economic development, and open space needs of residents. In turn, the process will develop a land development matrix that effectively balances equity, environment, and economics on a parcel-by-parcel level. There are three major brownfield sites identified as catalyst sites within the project area: the 65-acre former Philadelphia Coke Co., Inc. now owned by National Grid, the former Rohm and Haas complex now owned by Dow Chemical and the former Edgewater Dyeing and Finishing Co. Over the next 18 months SGA will be developing an area-wide plan and implementation strategy for the assessment, cleanup, and subsequent redevelopment of brownfields within the Lower Frankford Creek Watershed.

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