Hejing may have been on summer vacation, but that didn’t keep her from her work life. Included in her road trip across America, she traveled up to Somerset, PA to visit with her long-distance teammates.

Hejing visited both offices several times during her vacation, and SGA was always happy to see her during her time off.

“We work really far away from one another, but visiting the office in Somerset felt very familiar. I may not work face-to-face with everyone on a daily basis, but seeing them in person felt no different than seeing my own studio coworkers in Virginia. I was glad to see everyone there.”

Hejing brought with her a multitude of Asian cuisines, including cookies and candies. In return, the Pennsylvania SGA team took Hejing to Trinity Park, one of SGA’s built projects.

“It was really nice to see built work that I worked on. You can really see how all the different materials and grading work together. But it looked very different from all of the linework I drafted!”

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