Norfolk, VA, the home of many here at SGA, was one of many communities along the path of Hurricane Dorian, the recent Category 5 storm that caused unparalleled destruction to the Bahamas, and was one of the largest hurricanes on modern-day record according to Inside Climate News.

The storm path of Dorian was a near miss – Norfolk was fortunate to have only experienced a fraction of this catastrophic hurricane and was quick to recover. However, even the slightest deviation from Dorian’s path could have easily cost this coastal community millions.

It is storms like this in which SGA strives to raise awareness to developing resilient solutions for climactic challenges. Norfolk in particular has already experienced an approximate 6” in sea level rise since 1992 – a statistic that is twice the global average.

With challenges such as this, however, come opportunities to continue to raise awareness. SGA is proud to work alongside the City of Norfolk and RISE resilience innovations in developing forward-thinking redevelopment strategies and adaptable infrastructure solutions such as Norfolk Thrive project and RAFT urban bioretention system, and will continue to serve coastal communities as they move toward adaptation and resiliency.

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