SGA is excited to be working for the Downriver Community Conference (DCC), a government unit and non-profit organization representing southeast Michigan communities, on an economic development and planning grant project funded by the United States Department of Commerce: Economic Development Administration (EDA).

The study area includes five communities along the Detroit River: the cities of River Rouge, Ecorse, Wyandotte, Riverview, and Trenton, Michigan, which is located between two recently decommissioned coal-fired power plants operated and owned by DTE Energy. In addition, there are numerous other major brownfields sites, totaling over hundreds of acres, located along the riverfront between the two power plant sites.

SGA conducted a series of in-person working group meetings with five study area communities over the course of a week to identify opportunities and concerns of each community. SGA is developing near and long-term strategic reuse plans to lead to the creation of new jobs and an improved quality of life for the five riverfront communities along the river.

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