Designing with the seasons in mind ensures that our landscapes are beautiful year-round. Here’s how we incorporate seasonal blooms and foliage. These photos are from Water Street Park and Trinity Park.
Biodiversity matters! Experience the lush life at Water Street Open Space in Norfolk! Our designs not only boost ecosystem productivity but also create a sanctuary for butterflies, bees, dragonflies, and birds, among other living things! Every season brings a new display of life, all supported by our diverse herbaceous plants. Come witness the harmony of […]
We’re proud of our team of licensed PLAs who bring expertise and creativity to every project. Cheers to Sean, Tim, Mike, Jarrod, Mandy, and Borden (in order from top left to bottom right).
Exceptional design emerges from the synergy of a dedicated team, and today, we’re celebrating the unseen threads of collaboration that weave our projects into success.  Through weekly creative pinups, team-building sessions, and in-depth project critiques, we make every project a tapestry of diverse talents and perspectives. We foster connections with our clients and fellow consultants […]
April is World Landscape Architecture Month! Join us as we celebrate the art and science of designing outdoor spaces and places. Stay tuned for a month full of inspiration, education, and behind-the-scenes looks at what we do as landscape architects!
We are excited to be attending the 2024 PA Brownfields Conference in State College next week. SGA’s Anna Leisher will be speaking on our U.S. EPA funded work for Beaver County, PA; highlighting a former brick manufacturing plant that was the subject of environmental assessments, reuse planning, and now undergoing clean-up. Beaver County just released […]